-ies, -ier, -iest
1) SUFFIX -y is added to nouns in order to form adjectives that describe something or someone as having the characteristics of what the noun refers to.

He watched from the corner of a smoky pub...

She picked and tasted the juicy ripe berries...

The process results in a much fruitier wine.

2) SUFFIX -y is added to colours in order to form adjectives that describe something as being roughly that colour or having some of that colour in it.

...a rich, reddy, brown wood...

Her eyes were the bluey-green colour that often went with red hair.

3) SUFFIX -y is added to a name or a noun in order to give it a more affectionate or familiar form.

`How are you, Mikey?'...

Move the little doggy.

English dictionary. 2008.

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